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Welcome To Teresita's Culinary Adventures
in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enjoy fresh ingredients, authentic recipes and a colorful palate of flavors and sensations that represent Argentina. We invite you to take an adventure of the senses with cook Teresita as she deepens your appreciation of an authentic taste of a home-made Argentine dishes.

Welcome To Teresita's Culinary Adventures in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you want to learn how to prepare traditional dishes from Argentina or you want to discover what is the best Buenos Aires tour you can take that includes a cooking class demonstration of one of the most traditional dishes in Argentina, then you must try Teresita's Culinary Tour. 

Teresita's culinary Tour In Buenos Aires

Teresita's  Culinary tour in Buenos Aires includes a guided visit to local shops where you can learn how about the typical dishes from Argentina. Starting from visiting a local bakery, a local butchers shop and an outdoor food market. To read all about Teresita Culinary Tour, read more

Teresita's Empanadas Cooking Class

The empanadas Argentinas cooking class is the most popular class that Teresita conducts. This is not a traditional class but rather a get together at Teresita's rustic and ever welcoming kitchen in Adrogue. The class is for those looking to learn a traditional dish from Argentina. The class includes a brief introduction of Argentine wines, read more

Teresita's Argentine BBQ Class

This beginner class will start with the basics of barbecue grilling and end with a delicious meal.The BBQ class conducted by Teresita together with the "Asador" (person who prepares the barbecue) is conducted at Teresita's home and beautiful garden. This class begins with a visit to the local butcher shop to learn how to select the different types of Argentine meat cuts, read more





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Address: Spiro 456, Adrogue - CP 1846, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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